Friday, July 3, 2015

Children of India

The longer I'm in India, the more I appreciate the genuineness of the children. This little guy was sitting in front of his family's store/hut perfectly content playing with some gravel and rocks.

Around the corner a group of children were frolicking in the pesticide smoke.

Children go to school only half a day. These are taking advantage of their last free moments and the absence of the guy who normally cranks the mini-ferris wheel. 

These beggar boys were supposed to be asking for money but the preferred to ask for their photo. As soon as I showed them this picture of themselves, they whooped it up and strutted their stuff for each other.

This young man had a winning personality and ran over with a bundle of kites when I rolled down my window looking for some. 

He swam his heart out trying to race our paddle powered boat.

Oblivious to all sorts of dangers and life impediments, the children of India find know how to find joy in the moment.