Friday, June 20, 2014

Chocolate, Please

One of the things we were warned most about before coming here were beggars - particularly children beggars. Over and over we were told not to give anything because they can't keep it but will have to hand it over to the mafia. Thankfully we never see beggars in our area but when we played tourist and went to the Hanging Gardens, I made a few "friends."

Of all the people hounding us, this little girl was impossible to ignore! She tugged on my sleeve and followed me pleading that I spend 500 rupees ($8) for her peacock fan. I really tried to pretend she wasn't there but just look at that face! She kept lowering her price and throwing in extra fans until she put her hands on her hips and declared, "100 rupees for two!" ($1.60) She had such spunk that I laughed and pulled out my camera to take her picture. She forgot all about selling me her fans and started striking poses.

She claims this is her brother but kept making a face and saying she wanted a sister instead of a brother. What she really wanted was chocolate. How anyone would keep chocolate alive in their purse with this heat defies imagination. She settled for a couple of mints and set off after another tourist.

The other big request of the day was for Danielle and me to join Indian people in their family photos. One after another they approached, politely nodded, and beckoned for us to stand by them while someone else snapped away. 

We finally escaped and snuck our way into a secluded corner to snapped our own selfie, slowly made our way back through the beggars, the street hawkers, the car window knockers, and back to our driver for the long ride home. I think we were the ones in need of chocolate!


  1. I love your posts, they are so much fun! Glad you guys are having fun!!!

  2. Who wouldn't want you beautiful blonds in their pictures : )!!!