Friday, June 20, 2014

Favorite Question

There is a distinct lack of mingling here between guys and girls. You'll see big groups of guys hanging out doing nothing (except starring at you) but women are always busy going somewhere or doing something. I love this intimate moment I accidentally captured.

Indians are very curious by nature and we get all sorts of questions. One of the men at church approached Ty & I and we had the following conversation:

Stranger: "What kind of marriage do you have?"

Me: "Pardon?"

Stranger: "What kind of marriage do you have? You know, arranged or love."

Me: "Oh! Love - we don't have arranged marriages where we are from."

Stranger: "No??? You not have an arranged marriage? Most people have arranged marriage."

Me: "Where we are from everyone chooses for themselves who they will marry."

Stranger looking very puzzled: "Oh!!! The Church arranges dances for you to meet!!! Very good! You meet at a Church dance!"

Me laughing: "No, we didn't meet at a Church dance. We met at university. We have a love marriage."

Stranger nodding his head because he finally understands: "Ah, yeah-yeah (head bob). You meet at Church university! They arrange for love."

Now that was a hard point to argue since we did meet at BYU so Ty & I laughed and bobbed our heads in agreement.


  1. This is my favorite! I'm sure most BYU attendees would agree ;) They arrange for love!

  2. And then there those of us who found love without BYU or the Church...!! 50 Years of it (and counting). I love, love, love your blog. Mumbai came in as #9 on the least expensive tourist cities in the world! Maybe we should come....