Thursday, June 19, 2014

Grocery Haven

I have found mecca! Hyper City - a grocery shopping haven - exists 45 minutes away conveniently covered with a temporary bamboo awning to block the monsoon rains.

It's along the lines of a super Walmart but it's definitely a place you want to visit. Just the sight of all these aisles full of non-negotiable, reasonably priced, hygienic foods was enough to win the gratitude award for the month.

We told our driver we'd be one hour. At the two hour point he came looking for us. Trying to decide what things are, or where to find items like vinegar (never did discover that), was a real challenge. What in the world is this?!? Anyone know?

It's mango season! But not a single berry of any kind to be found.

Which kind of eggs to choose....quail, duck, double yolked, brown - all come with complimentary bird droppings that you have to soak and scrub off before using.

The cart escalator is sloped and magnetized for your shopping convenience. No hands needed.

I left Ty alone with the food cart for a few minutes and came back to five bags of chips and vanilla ice cream. Somethings will apparently be the same in India!

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