Sunday, July 6, 2014

I See You

I really thought I'd have a hard time getting used to the garbage. It is everywhere. When they run out of places to throw it on ground, they toss it on their roofs.


As hard as it is to get used to the garbage, it's harder still to get used to the staring. It's almost impossible to get a good staring picture because, well, they're staring at you! The other day we had five workers staring at us, following us, and interjecting into our discussion as we tried to buy tupperware. They kept handing us things they thought we would want to buy and it was basically half the store. When we go to the hotel gym to work out, they are there, too - always watching.

They stand, stare, and follow when we grocery shop. They enjoy seeing what we buy (it's very different than what they buy). They stare in the car windows whether we're driving or stopped in traffic.They hover and stare when we eat and constantly ask if they can get us anything else. Free breakfast downstairs feels more like a chore to be endured but they get very offended if you don't show up. Most of it comes from a desire to make sure we are happy. Part of it comes because we are a novelty - we see virtually no other white people out and about. I can't imagine why!

On the whole, it's tough to complain about first world problems in a place where so many people are just trying to survive another day. India is definitely teaching me things I never expected.

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