Sunday, July 6, 2014

Our Missionaries

A year and a half ago, there were only 25 members in this little branch. We meet in this small 4-story building with a couple of air conditioners that may decide to work that day. We have definitely outgrown it but the move to the new building is suffering from standard Indian bureaucracy.


A year ago the missionaries arrived for the first time and now there are 66 members and counting. The missionaries tell us that all of the elders in the New Delhi Mission want the opportunity to work in Mumbai so they are thrilled to be here. Check out their spiffy new mission ties :) All but one are older and all but two are recent converts themselves. Since foreign missionary visas in India are few and precious, one is from Nepal and the rest are natives. It's a good thing I can just call them "elder" because Indian names are proving tricky to remember.

Last week they had four baptisms. Our font is in a very tiny outdoor courtyard and the three women were terrified. None had ever been in that much water before. But their post-baptismal glowing faces are still beaming a week later.

The primary children also just radiate. I love doing singing time with them! More than half speak no English but they smile and sit reverently even though they cannot understand a word. Thank goodness "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes" works in any language!


The Church's plan for growth is two branches in 1 1/2 years, a stake in 5 years, and a temple in 9 years. These children will be the foundation and future leaders that will make that happen. The Church is in such good hands!


  1. Love these pictures, the children are adorable. This branch and these missionaries are going to love having you. What a great support you will be to this branch. It would be so amazing to see a temple there in 9 years!