Thursday, July 10, 2014

Time to Move On

My first month in Mumbai would have been miserable without Debby. Someday, I hope to be just like her!

Her friendship and Indian wisdom has been a tender mercy. She's lived in Mumbai for 4 years and knows all the ins and outs - including the best places to get meat, buy street shoes, and find lettuce. You know, the essentials :) She's taken us to her favorite restaurants and introduced us to all sorts of helpful people.

She taught us how to see a movie in India, convinced Ty of the perks of a maid doing your bargaining (and cleaning!), and set us up with an amazing driver who actually knows how to find our obscure church building in far away Vashi. Because of her we made sure to request hot water and air conditioning in our new apartment's kitchen (not standard or even normal). She showed me how to make brown sugar because you just can't buy it here. She gave me a precious jar of molasses and checks in with me everyday to make sure I'm not bored or sad or lonely or in need of help. She's been so sweet to Danielle, but that's easy to do!

She's given me a heads-up about cultural norms that made all the difference. We've been street shopping, vegetable shopping, gone to the "opera", visited the sites, gotten pedicures, seen movies, and just generally crammed in as much fun as humanly possible. She's been a ray of light in a challenging new culture and she's moving to Hong Kong next week. Expats come and go - that's what they do - but life here just won't be the same without Debby. Ty's going to have to really step up his game - there are vegetables to buy, operas to be seen, and toes to be painted! And then we'll go to Hong Kong and visit Debby :)

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  1. To me you are just like Debby! So glad you've had a friend to show you the ropes!! All your pictures make me want to come and visit.